Windsurfing Centre H.K. 香港滑浪風帆中心

Length 8' 6"
Width 31"
Weight 39lbs
Load 242lbs
Design: FRITSCH Associé & BIC Sport
Capacity: 1 adult+1 child
Introduction The stern handles let you hang on and swim and allow easy access on board. The Ouassou also handles surf and waves comfortably. The ‘spatula’ shaped hull is derived from surf longboards and rodeo kayaks. It’s quick and responsive. The slight keel and lateral rail design provide directional stability and excellent tracking. The Ouassou’s optional knee-strap system also allows you to secure your body to the cockpit when you are looking for greater control in waves or whitewater.
Price: HK$5,150

Length 9' 10"
Width 31"
Weight 50lbs
Load 264lbs
Capacity: 1 adult+1 child
Introduction The Bilbao Fishing Kayak will quietly and effortlessly transport the fisherman into secluded river holes or safely out to the favorite fishing spot on the bay and features a dark green deck and tan hull to camouflage your activities. The high quality finish, Tri-Hull Design shape and built-in stability make the fishing experience comfortable, easy and safe. The fluid hull shape provides a smooth ride, while the deck shape and quality extras allow you to carry your tackle, rods and gear with optimum stability and safety.
Price: HK$6,400

Length: 14' 5"
Width: 26"
Weight: 50lbs
Load: 286lbs
Design: FRITSCH Associé & BIC Sport
Capacity: 1 adult+1 child
Introduction: With excellent speed, the Bic Scapa Kayak is a true sport boat designed and built for fast cruising and physical conditioning. What’s more, it’s an excellent boat for learning sea kayaking. Even in difficult sea conditions, the Scapa Kayak holds its course thanks to its superb glide and reassuring stability. The molded baggage storage area behind the cockpit allows you to load up with diving tanks, as well as fi shing or touring equipment.
Price: HK$7,800

Length 11' 9"
Width 33.1"
Weight 62.8lbs
Load 440lbs
Introduction Capable of taking two adults and a child on board, it's highly versatile and stable making it suitable for all kinds of situations. For family outings, the ergonomic seats and stability are very reassuring for when you are far from the beach. And for serious paddling and exploring, solo or two-up, its very low-draught, hull design and wide rear storage area are really useful for getting where you want, wherever that is, for going further, faster.
Price: HK$7,300

Length 10' 9"
Width 35.4"
Weight +/- 22lbs
Load 242lbs
Capacity: 1 adult
Introduction The guiding principle of these innovative boats has been the use of multiple materials in the construction to help reduce weight, plus the combination of a keel and a high-pressure inflatable hull/floor to maximise the V effect. And paddle comfort has also been improved with the use of a belt backrest as standard. Its smooth glide and excellent sea handling mean you can get away from the shore and go exploring in complete safety.
Price: HK$10,180